Comments: Roast Pork with Braised Fennel, Apples and Onions


I can't comment. That just sounds too wonderful.

Oh, honey, that turkey needs to go!! ('Honey' intended most respectfully.) Potatoes and gravy do the same for my guys! :-) I need to buy fennel more often, it is such a nice addition to so many dishes.

I bet quince would taste good in there, too.

Don't feel alone. My wife doesn't care for pork either, says it's gammy or something. Just don't smell right and won't eat chops, roasts or anything (except spare ribs). Or so she says. This is why I will sometimes end up making two different courses of meat. I get the pork and she gets the smoked salmon.
It's funny sometimes though, if I make extra or have plenty left over and leave it on the stove for an hour or so, just to rest so I can graze. Bits, pieces and hunks go missing and she has this funny smile on her face. I'll usually point and start in, she cuts me off and walks back to her computer. Deep down I know she loves it and will eat it, but won't admit it. That's okay, as long as she keeps smiling, I'm doing fine.


She doesn't like pork?

Oh, my, Dr. Biggles. That is--well--I find it odd.

Since my nice Jewish husband will eat anything so long as pig is involved, which he calls, "Sacrilicious."

Not that he is exactly observant, but still.

I bet you are right. She really does love the pig, but doesn't want to admit to it now.

Or, maybe she just likes salmon better?

Hey Barbara,

She's a huge fan of the fish, something light. See, when we started going out, she ate very little if NO meat at all. She said it was too rich and wasn't interested. Most of all she really disliked steak, beef steak. Admittedly, I don't eat a lot of steak or beef. But I can grill up an excellent slab if I do say so myself. So, meal after meal I convinced her it wasn't too rich and she agreed. Personally I think whomever was preparing her meat didn't know what they were doing. I got her dialed in and she hasn't looked back.
Although, my trek in to country fried pork ribs didn't go well, even with me.


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