Comments: The Redhead's Tomato Basil Soup


Barret, I make this soup often, though I start with a olive oil/butter roux and onions cooked thoroughly, then wine, then tomatoes from a can if not in the summer fresh. Thickens nicely, adds a bit of depth, and I also use fresh thyme along with the basil. Stabbing excluded, glad there's no stiches. From one redhead to another.

Gah! Basil abuse! Bad Barrett! Simmering fresh basil is a waste; just use dried at the beginning, and then garnish with fresh towards the end.

(I also enjoy roasting a few of the tomatoes for an extra layer of flavor, or during bad-tomato months tossing a few rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes into the mix.)

We've got tons of the fresh basil. Our plant is enjoying the indoors.

Most people ration the stuff for use only at the end, but it works in the goop as well. Our dried basil is pretty old, so it doesn't have the basil-oomph the fresh had in the soup. The fresh covers that nicely.

If you were rationing your basil, I'd say save it for the end, but if you have plenty, use it wherever you want.

Sun-dried is an interesting addition. Might try that.

Yeah, yeah. The soup sounds great, yada yada. Hope the Redhead is healing nicely... *Is distracted by her longing for that Dutch oven, or French oven, or whatever. Decides to write a letter to Santa...*

Ha! Monica, I got that through a promotion I found at Amazon over on Elise's Simply Recipes site back in March. Buy the larger dutch oven and that one in the picture was free (normally $120).

Santa's got room in the sleigh, I'm sure.

I second the use of the sundried tomatoes. They add great flavor.

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