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Well you put it in a Martini glass and all of a sudden i want eggnog. I've never made my own before and in fact have never really been tempted to drink it either--until now! Im shocked! But as soon as I saw cardamom in the recipe, that was it.. It will be an eggnoggy christmas this year for sure :)

Ha! Without the alcohol it's just empty calories. I love it!

This sounds delicious, in a festive way. I do have a question though, I'm totally unfamiliar with rum. Any particular brands you would recommend?

The rum I used is fro J. Bally, a Martinique one. I chose it because one of our favourite restaurants in Paris uses it in the baba au rhum. (They actually place a full bottle of rum on the table when they serve the cake. Not only that but they continue to do it despite that first time we were there when some of the rum found its way into our glasses rather than onto the cake as was intended. We like restaurants like that!)

I would say a decent dark rum, almost anything but Captain Morgan spiced rum really! Alternatively, I think a nice bourbon is lovely too.

mmmm I love egg nog too :)

The problem I have is an allergy to nutmeg. Any suggestions for a substitution?

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