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Hi there, Barrett, I hope you don't delete my post!

I wanted to comment that I realize it is a very popular past-time to bash Rachael. I mean, I have my moments where she drives me batty as well. But what can you say about someone who has actually gotten "non-cooking, non-kitchen" types to venture into the kitchen.

I'm sure you know the drill. Rachael does NOT claim to be a chef. She knows she isn't. She is in the right place at the right time and has apparently got great marketing people around her. And, now she has Oprah producing her new talk show.

I think she really is what she appears to be, she's truly sincerely amazed at her own success.

She makes life fun and really what is so wrong with that? (I saw an old old Food TV show and her voice was very different, I think she should see a specialist or something because she really has changed the pitch and her voice is increasingly raspy......)

Thanks for listening. I continue to enjoy yours and Meg's recipes and comments.

I dont' delete posts unless they have offensive content, like one post we had suggesting that all men who disliked Rachael Ray did so because they were homosexual. I did recently post a comment to the endless post that took the Ray defenders to task for using the laziest argument in the book - that her detractors are just jealous of her. That was because the argument itself is inane and demonstrably false. If a person didn't like her because one was jealous of her, wouldn't that person dislike ANYONE who was successful? It's a dumb and dishonest argument, and the people making it had to be called out on it.

She's not my cup of tea, but there was a time when I liked her. Unfortunately, I think she got media-trained and lost whatever honest feeling her performances had. The awkward-yet-practiced hand gestures appeared, and her slightly self-conscious presentation became "slicker" and more filled with stock phrases like the much-derided "E-V-O-O or Extra Virgin Olive Oil".

I refer to her frequently because she seems to be an OBSESSION with people who like and hate her and stirring up trouble amuses me (just ask my wife). I won't watch RR's shows because I've had my fill of her, but I don't have any emnity towards her at all.

One thing is for certain. She is a polarizing figure, for reasons I don't quite understand.

Barrett, great comments. Thanks.

Ah, now come on, Lu! Lighten up!

I crap on Alton Brown's idiotic claim that it is impossible to use a wok on an American stove all the time, but I still like him. Just cuz bloggers give folks a hard time doesnt' mean we hate them.

Unless, we actually hate them. (Like Emeril--that man--ugh.)

Okay, back to RR--I cannot fault her for getting people to cook. I think that is a great thing.More power to her. And she seems like a neat person, too. Kinda silly, kinda cute, sort of the lperky, bouncy slacker answer to Martha Stewart's control freak way of doing things.

But I hate her voice, and that whole EVOO thing works my very last nerve.

But--I have to admit--I love reading Barrett go on about her. He makes me giggle.

So, Barrett--you extend that EVO-Olive branch--and if merely extending it doesn't get her attention, thwap her a good one with it. Then, she might take notice.

Barbara, I'm lightened! No worries! I can totally understand the whole Rachael "thing"..... and Barrett, I was watching her yesterday and OK, I was really really really annoyed with all the hand gestures!!!!!


Well, that's okay then, Lu. ;-)

Enough about Rachael. Tell me what think about Sandra Lee... :-)

Who Sandra Lee?

Barbara, I was referring to 'Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee' on the Food Network. Have you seen it?

No talent. Annoying. Dull. Enough about me. OK, you were talking about Sandra Lee. I do not like her, can't believe she has a food network show.

Anyone? Anyone?

Thanks for the topic, Monica ;-)

No, I haven't seen her. I knew that Semi-Homemade was a television show, but I don't so much watch television. Which makes me a mutant, I know, but hey.

She sounds irritating, too.

What happened to Food TV--it used to be cool.

I'm just commenting to confirm some of Barrett's comments and otherwise keep in him line. First, Barrett is ALL ABOUT stirring-up trouble. I assure you he's never malicious, just annoying. Next, don't let all of Barrett's comments mislead you into thinking he can resist watching RR (or Sandra Lee). However, he gets little opportunity to watch anymore since we canceled the cable. (That may change this winter b/c its really cold outside, and the idea of sitting in our snug apartment watching food network (and paying for cable) is growing on me). :)

Sandra Lee? Puh-leease. I'll watch Rachael Ray because she's an entertaining train wreck these days, but Sandra Lee has always been painful to watch.

I've kind of warmed to the idea of not having cable all winter (well, unless the Sopranos comes back on for thefinal season). We'll have to talk about adding it back in. It woudl fix our reception problem...

Also, it's cheaper than buying all the boxed sets of Good Eats! And who wants to trek through the snow for a rental?

God I agree with that post about how Rachael Ray has changed.

I used to actually enjoy her show. She was not a chef, but she was honest, and kind of funny and so natural.

Now it seems as though her fame has gone to her head. She is exaggerating everything that everyone supposedly loved about her.

She comes off as a manic person who just forgot to take her meds for a long time!

She makes stupid faces in the camera like on her tasty travel's show, scrunching up her nose and just overdoing it. She has to have her sweetie with her and talk endlessly about him, and feeding him for our entertainment.

Not to mention now she is loud and obnoxious, and just totally tacky.

I see her in interviews attempting to make sexual jokes and it's nauseating.

Yes, she isnt a chef, but does she have to act like she was raised in a barn with no tact or class - which I think she used to appear to have?

I saw a video of her wedding at some beautiful Italian castle and she literally skipped down the aisle like a spastic 12 year old and giggled during the ceremony.

Speaking of being Italian, she is an insult to those of us who are Italian and dont act like we just got out of a Goodfella's movie or Rocky!

NO ONE in my family from Italy, calls sauce "gravy". I realize in gangster movies or the Sopranos they might, but people from Italy do not do that.

She is the epitome of tacky and lack of class now.

When she was in NYC she had to yell like a maniac because she made a strike bowling. Then to top of her totally irritating day with her "sweetie" she had to go to a restaurant where someone sang opera and yell like she was at a yankee's game!

It's not the fact she isnt a chef that is annoying many of us. It's her swollen head and overdoing what she thinks is so cute that is beyond irritating.

I think she will wear thin on the public with her Oprah produced show. She reminds me of how everyone loved Rosie because she was so "real", and now she is an annoyance!

I read that many people who were supposed to work on Rachael's magazine quit because she was overbearing and wanted to control the editors.

I think the fact that she has no training in culinary arts and somehow is a celebrity for cooking, is making her think she now can do anything.

She is a train wreck! Nuts to the 10th degree, lacking in real talent, tacky, not so bright and totally thinking she is cute. But it's fun to see her do stupid things on a daily basis! lol

I think Rachael will be self-destructing and annoying the american public after about a year of her show. She already is quite full of herself and overdoing it, can you imagine with the untalented twit will be like once she is on network tv? LOL

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