Comments: Poppyseed Cabbage and Egg Noodles


You made hlouska! Aka, Slovak Cabbage and Noodles. Very big out here in Cleveland. I usually use caraway seed in mine though. Also very good with sliced chicken apple sausage.

That looks surprisingly appetizing, though I've never considered myself a cabbage fan. Must be the cold weather!

Do you think it would work well with a savoy cabbage too?

I'm another Slovak, also from Cleveland, and I made this last night, with caraway seeds and a side of keilbasi. A recipe from my grandmother.

I've stumbled on the official dish of Cleveland, it seems!

Meg, it can't hurt to try, but this clearly isn't "delicate", the way Savoy cabbage can be. I'd sautee by texture not time with a different cabbage.

This looks somewhat unusual, but intriguing nonetheless! As it happens, I have 1/2 a head of cabbage in my fridge (leftover from making soup, of course), some onions, egg noodles, and lo and behold a chicken sausage!

Guess what's for dinner at my house tonight :-)

My first thought was 'Ugh,' but that vanished, to be replaced by 'hmm' and then 'oh, yeah, print that one.' The caraway seeds sound more in keeping to a Slovak style, but I'll try the original first...

hey, we have these as well, they're traditional of vienna, but you can tell the hungarian origins. never heard of a version with poppyseed, though - interesting twist!

This looks yummy ihave half cabbage Im gointo try this recipies tnx

If this is good enough for Dr. Biggles, it's good enough for me. One question, is it really necessary to salt the cabbage? Have you ever skipped this step?

Thanks, nice looking recipe. I'll be trying it tomorrow.

mmm, yum. I came here via biggles, and I love the idea of using poppyseeds in this. I make similar dishes a lot -- with and without the noodles. I learned from Cook's Illustrated that the secret to most-delicious cabbage is to cook it with a bit of fat AND a bit of liquid, so my recipes use either heavy cream (all-in-one!) or water/broth & butter. My standard variations are caraway seeds or thyme, which is shockingly delicious with a braised cabbage like this, but I have some poppyseeds around and am totally trying this version. And maybe a paprika one as well. I don't salt the cabbage ahead, just sprinkle it on while I'm saute/braising and it seems to work out fine.

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