Comments: Events Around Town - Chicago


Pastoral makes me wish I lived in the city -- well, that and other things. I'll have to make the trip. I miss my cheeses (having just recently been to France -- Paris & Normandy).

Also, I recently took a class at Sur La Table (my first). It was fantastic. I think the subject matter helped as I was already in love with the book "All About Braising" by Molly Stevens. But, then to have Molly teach the class, well, she was fantastic. I can't actually think of enough superlatives. And, the folks at SLT were super hosts as well. Definitely a "do over"!

Darn. I should've gone to the David Lebovitz class. So close to home. Such delectable creations. Who cares that I couldn't get anyone to accompany me? Next time I'll happily attend by myself!

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