Comments: Sunchoke Salad Sandwich


Wouldn't the bread have egg in it, Mr. Vegan?

Not necessarily -

OK, ignore that second one. It has egg white.

Actually, if you used a French baguette I don't think it includes butter OR egg...but you'd have to travel pretty far...

One other thing to note - sunchokes can be a little hard on the gut if you've never had them before.

You might want to get some Beano, if you know what I mean.

I was just going to ask if the raw ones were any easier on the gut than cooked ones but noticing your comment, I guess not.

I was unaware of the "gut" issues the first time I tried sunchokes. I ate a plate of boiled chokes for dinner one night and boy was I sorry!

So funny how people delight in being critical of vegans. Angry, even.

There's quite a few breads that don't have eggs or milk in them.

Great recipe!

Most bread does not have egg in it. Usually the only bread with egg in it is when it is brushed on top for a shiny effect. I find it easier to find vegan bread at bakeries rather than at grocery stores like Safeway because a lot of their bread has milk and/or honey. Also, this recipe sounds delish! I've been trying to figure out what to do with my sunchokes!

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