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Cheers to you and everyone here! I'm going traditional, boring but just what I'd like to have. Then, just cause I wanted something 'more', am going to toss a whole duck in the smoker, oh yeah.

Cheers again,


It's ironic. Here I am in the US finding it difficult to conjure up any feeling for Thanksgiving because culturally it means nothing to me, and there you are, stuck, with the opposite probem in Paris. If you'd told me sooner we could have done a swap for the day. I would even have gone to work for you (for payment in Pierre Herme currency, bien sur!).

Hope you enjoy the cooking and the hosting. You have a very lucky 10 guests!


Sam, i think Thanksgiving really strikes a chord with Americans for a lot of good reasons: it's pretty much a-political (unless you count the somewhat romanticized story of its origin), and non-denominational, and despite the best efforts of Hallmark cards and their ilk pretty uncommercial. Add on top of that the fact that it's an opportunity to cook up a storm and you have the makings of a very good holiday. If I were back in the US, or you were here, you would certainly be invited. And I think you would begin to see the draw.

What doesn't work is eating in a restaurant for the big day - I've done so a few times out of nostalgia when I didn't have the means to entertain and it's sadder than nothing at all. Our office is having a Thanks Giving (note the odd space) lunch tomorrow and personally I just think it's WRONG. Either you do it right or not at all.

Anyway, next year we'll try to work this out more sensibly!

I did end up having a great dinner yesterday thanks to some kind friends. Not a pumpkin in sight!

Sam, glad to hear you enjoyed it! I also think it's kind of nice that there is a holiday where we are meant to stop and think about reasons to be thankful. For the Internet and the friends we meet through it, for example!

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