Comments: Salade de Mache


I was just in Paris and saw all those ads in the Metro. It made me want to buy it again when I got back home to Chicagoland. (It's soooo expensive here).

So, I've been buying it at Whole Foods (or as a colleague recently called it "Whole Paycheck").

Thanks for the ideas on how to use it, Meg.

Mmm...what a mouthwatering description of an incredible salad.

I'm with you on the cold roast beef. The flavor definitely improves with a night or two in the fridge. For me, beef needs horseradish to bring out its best, so I'd have used a light creamy horseradish dressing. Do you think that would work with mâche? I've never had mâche, at least not as far as I know.

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