Comments: Thai-influenced Tofu and Basil with Coconut Rice


wasn't there cilantro too?

this really was delicious. more pics here, here, and here.

You are correct. I've updated the recipe. Thanks for catching that.

Question: could one substitute fish or white meat for the tofu if one has a tofu-averse spouse? He has a thing about it. And this definitely sounds like a recipe to try!

Meg, if you try it with fish, I'd go with a nice firm whitefish like cod. There's a lot of flavor in the ingredients, so you probably don't want a delicate fish like sole. The flavor woudl be wasted.

You could try chicken, but you might want to amp up the nam pla/soy sauce in the marinade.

Thought I'd point out that this was quite good even with my omission of the coconut milk. Maybe tangier than many will like, but good on those occasions when you don't want so much delicious delicious saturated fat (or calories for that matter). Also, is it possible to get fresh coconut milk in Chicago or other big cities in the US? I don't remember ever seeing it in DC, but maybe I wasn't looking. Fresh is always better, but in the case of coconut milk, it's so much better it isn't even funny. (not that the coconuts would be local, but rather the grating and milking would be done locally)

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