Comments: A Fish, a Fish, a Fishie Sandwich


Yeah man, TJ's can be pretty cool. But you gotta look to see. If you're a fan of the tuna in cans with olive oil? TJ's rocks. Natural chicky broff? Done.
It's not a one stop shopping, but covers many bases for a good price. Oddly enough creme fraiche isn't easy to get locally, cept at TJ's!
Jess keep your eyes open and move along.
Nice lookin' sammich.


Onions. That sammich needs onions.

Just sayin'.

Onions? I don't know. It was pretty perfect as is. The olives were offset by the avocado. Maybe red onion.

Sounds like a delish fish just the way it is to me. For some reason it would never occur to me to put non-tuna-from-a-can in a sandwich. Until now!

What about anchovies? Too much flavour??

Annie and I make a weekly trip to TJ's Try the frozen Very Cherry & Berries on Kashi Clusters (50 cents cheaper than Jewel). My favorite breakfast.


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