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I understant why your doing so, but that's not that nice for people like me. I can still comment on your blog though, just won't write my URL.

Right. That's why I'm apologizing for it rather than just blocking and forgetting. I figure we give it a month, open it back up, and see if the spammers are still using that technique or if they've moved on.

Of course, if blogspot figures out how to clean up the system to eliminate the splogs that woudl make it a lot easier to unblock.

Cindy, you could insert a space in the url so that our filter doesn't pick it up. It does mean that anyone who wants to follow your link would have to remove it manually, but at least you could get a little publicity.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it really is becoming a problem for us!


I think blogger are trying to do spmething about this.
I was just flagged on two of my blogs which were suspected of being spam blogs.
Obviously they weren't but I had to type in a complicated url by hand and then request a review before being accepted as a non-spam blog.

so maybe soon this problem will be a thing of the past.

read more here:

Sam, I think the "Report as Objectionable" button is gold. I may do my part this weekend and flag a couple dozen or so.

I blacklist everyone I can see or smell.
The only person I allow is Don Ho, he can post.

Meg > thanks for the idea, but really I don't mind about the publicity thing, my blog being in french not many of your readers would be interested in it.
Barrett > it's ok, I don't mind really. I enjoy reading your blog and whether I can leave comments using my URL or not, I'll still read it.

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