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I really like ice cream, but I don't think it counts as a favorite exactly. I've only been officially food blogging for a couple of weeks, but I've noticed that exposing myself to more variety (whether for food blogging or just because I got a lot of cookbooks from the library) cuts down on "favorites."

My husband eats practically the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. He's perfectly happy with this. I, on the other hand, am always ready to try a new recipe for an old standard or something entirely new.

I definitely agree that variety would be my favourite food (actually I confess that I almost *hate* eating the same food on two consecutive days). But I still have a favourite beer. It's Duvel :)

BTW, did you know how in Belgium we order a Duvel in a crowded pub if you can't reach the bar? You sign the bartender by using your two hands making little horns on your head, letting him know that you want a 'little devil'. :)

I noticed the same thing happening as my cooking and dining experience increased. I no longer have a favorite food any more than I have a favorite movie. In both cases I have a list of about 20 "favorites" which change from time to time.

A related phenomenon is that I don't _dislike_ much anymore. There was a time when I hated squash, period. Now I hate squash _prepared in certain ways_. Other ways, it's okay. There are still maybe half a dozen things about which it might be said that I haven't found the way I like them yet -- and to be honest I don't spend much energy looking, either.

There's a sandwich combination I'm addicted to and could happily eat every day for the rest of my life. I've been eating it for several months now, so I'm well on my way!
It's wholewheat pita, lightly toasted, spread with goat's cheese on one side and horseradish on the other.
Inside is smoked turkey and slices of grilled eggplant and roasted green pepper.

Might sound strange, but it's truly heavenly!

I only very recently started to blog, and it certainly has affected how I eat. I'm much less "routine" in what I cook. And I think it's made me less wedded to my familiar foods and tastes. It would be impossible for me to name one food as a favoirte. However, if pressed I would admit that I have a fatal weakness for seafood gumbo. My mother and I once ate nothing but gumbo for two weeks and wondered if a person could die from gumbo poisoning. OK, I could eat that every day. And right now, I would love to eat Agrimontana candied cherries every day too. And Cowgirl Creamery cheese..... Oh, I have to stop!


Same for me... several months ago I could have told you what was my favourite food or even my favourite pudding, but now that I cook every single day, blog about it, I don't have a favourite pudding anymore.
Alike Cambias, I used to hate some stuff like oinions, garlic, pork but that's not the case anymore.
Interesting post BTW.

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