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Those look great! I love that deep orange hue and the green sage leaves - can almost smell them through the computer!And I was just wondering what to make with a leftover butternut I have lying around...

que cela a l'air bon!
dommage que je n'ai pas la traduction...

Lilizen, en bas à droite sur notre site se trouve l'outil de traduction "Babel fish". Si vous avez des questions ou voulez des précisions sur une recette vous pouvez m'écrire ou poser votre question dans les commentaires. Nous n'avons pas les ressources pour tout traduire en français, mais je suis prête à aider si vous en avez besoin!

These do look terrific and thanks for the hints about making gnocchi. Haven't tried any in years but I think this photo will spur me on to give these another go...Comfort food at it's best.

Oh, they do look good, Barrett. I'm glad that you didn't actually roll them against a fork because, though pretty, that actually causes me to feel horribly inadequate.
I'm also glad that you pointed out how sometimes we must stray from the recipe, as you did with the flour, to make things work. Nice post.

Kudos to you, Mr. Barrett. That's a beautiful picture of some tasty looking food.

I've been meaning to make squash ravioli but your gnocchi sound wonderful, Barrett!

I was a little confused at first by the terms "wheat" and "white" flour and then I remembered that "white" means "all-purpose" and "wheat" means "whole wheat" - at least I think that's right... (For a small moment of insanity, I was thinking potato or rice flour was the "white".)

-Elizabeth (too literal Canadian who clearly didn't get enough sleep last night)

P.S. Have you tried sauteeing gnocchi? Delicious!!

They were really delicious and you don't need much before feeling full...

The reason you needed so much flour is because you need to drain the squash in a seive overnight. Kind of a pain but it's worth it when it comes to adding the flour!

Good luck!

I have found several similar recipes on the Internet, but this seems to be the easiest, and will produce the best tasting gnocchi. I am an Italian-American, and I plan on using butternut gnocchi/sage butter sauce during the holidays. This way, I have the traditional American flavor and vegetable in an Italian fashion.

Sounds incredible. Can't wait to try this out. But first, I have to master making regular gnocchi from scratch.

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