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Well, as you pointed out, many of the culprits in Sam's photos live in Paris, so you'll get a second crack at them. Wish I could have been there.

It sounds like such fun, Meg!

I think that meeting virtual friends (or as some of my friends who don't do the Internet thang call it--Barbara's Imaginary Friends) is always terribly fun, and enlightening.

Meg - it was so much fun meeting you. Hey everyone - I know how old Meg is and she really looks a good 10 years younger, believe me!

Some people seem to think that it was me who organised the Paris meet, but really it was totally down to you.

I can't thank you enough. You getting everyone to be there was the best gift of all.

A bientot!

Sam - "I know how old Meg is and she really looks a good 10 years younger".

She looks 19? :)

Barret - I thought she was just 8 years old when I met her

I like best how Fred smokes the cigarette. I've never seen anyone get that elongation out of one cig. So nicely done Fred, may be a French thing? I pray you had single malt scotch waiting for him. Eh? He dearly loves his scotch, I worry about the boy. I'd hate to learn he wasn't getting His.


Sam, I'm blushing!

Biggles: unfortunately Fred was going easy on the alcohol because he had to drive to the suburbs after the drinks. Poor man!

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