Comments: A Casserole


I'm glad you added the photo. I love a good casserole, even though I was recently told its the stereotypical "white people's food", which I found hilarious.

This one also looks yummy to me.

Really love your site! Enjoyed reading your notes re: casseroles, they really are one of the ultimate comfort foods. I am a vegetarian and cookbook author (Not Just for Vegetarians-ad on this site) and I also agree, the fun of just putting ingredients together at random and seeing what happens, is part of the enjoyment of cooking. Recipes can be great but experimenting has its own rewards.
Cheers from the Canadian Prairies!

Or it'll feed 1 hungry Biggles.

I was reading your intro about it being low calorie or something and my heart sank. But then I noticed your mentioning of cream, then the fraiche. I feel much better about the recipe now and have the warm knowledge that I too could make this in my home.


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