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I love this magazine. The pictures and articles are fantastic. I haven't made anything from the magazine however, because the recipes that appeal the most to me seem to be expensive to make, lol. For now, I'm happy to make homemade pasta and have it turn out right. :-)

My parents brought home an issue from the tour guide company that took them to Italy and loved every page. (Psst. They're getting their own subscription for Christmas.)

On the strength of your post, Barrett, I bought this issue--I will let you know what I think when I get a chance to peruse it completely.

If you can, Barbara, get the issue just before it as well. This one is very good, but the Fall issue was amazing.

Sorry Barrett, I'm not waiting until January for the candied orange dessert. I'll be in Chicago in December. Start peeling, juicing, and drizzling, dude...

I find that almost nobody except Italians cook classic Italian food. Speaking only for Americans, we tend to junk things up too much, and throw everything in that we think of as Italian. I give someone a classic dish and they decide to smother it in mozzarella and fried eggplant slices.
Real Italian food is simple, with reverence for the nature of ingredients, which are chosen with great care. Add to that that cucina italiana is regional and cooks from one part think of the food from another region as foreign and you could, and I will, spend a lifetime working it out.
Enjoy the magazine, and when you get hold of Sale e Pepe, go for it.

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