Comments: Leek and Potato Cabbage Packets


Seems to me you could sauce those if you'd like. Tomato for the healthy or an Alfredo-type sauce for the heart-attack-seeking among us.

Hm. An interesting idea, but you'd want to be careful as there are already a few flavours kicking around there - cabbage, leek, sour cream and bacon. But it would be a good way to turn it from a side dish into a main to my mind.

They aren't very dry though, despite the slight browning you see on one of the leaves. Because the leaves are boiled first, they retain a surprising amount of water.

Meg thanks for demonstrating once again that everything is better with bacon...!

hi Meg, they sound great! And once I saw the bacon, well then you really had me. I've come to love the little lardon bits that you can find in Paris.. they find their way into my fridge a little too often i think..

I loooove stuffed cabbage. These little packets look totally scrummy.

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