Comments: The Best Thing To Do With Prunes


What does the tea do? Is it for flavor or do the tannins cure the prune somehow? Sounds tasty to me, in any case.

The explanation I had was tht by hydrating the prunes with tea first they didn't turn into little pure alcohol bombs. The tea flavour isn't all that apparent in the flavor, so I'm not sure that is part of it. But I wonder if the tannin helps break down the sugars in the prunes a bit too?

All theories, no answers I'm afraid!

Hey Meg, when you do visit Chicago again, there's slivovitz in the German deli in Lincoln square. It's the only place I've ever seen it.

Actually, I can get it here too but don't often bother. As i mentioned in the post, after a night of drinking (which is sadlly when it usually sounds like a good idea!) it's a guarantee for a bad morning after!

Great idea, thank you !

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