Comments: Blue Cheese, Prune, and Onion Tart


What a tart to wake up to!

Hi Barrett, that tart looks amazing! Im particularly stunned by the big, hearty crust. A tart after my own heart. Ok, it rhymes but I didn't intend it to. In any case, the recipe sounds great, very impressive!

I think I might have to give that a try over the weekend - thanks Barrett!

Wow, looks fantastic!

Prunes--you know, I like to eat them out of hand, like raisins on steroids. But I haven't cooked with them, so I might have to try--I am too late to stand up for the challenge, but what else is new? I am always a day late and dollar short.

But I have to admit that prunes still give me a frisson of terror--I was subjected to a daily dose of prune juice as a child, every morning with breakfast. For its, uh, digestive, properties.

There is nothing worse than prune juice. At least not in my childhood universe. I even liked canned spinach compared to that. Even overgrown bitter dandelion greens went down easier than the slack black liquid in the tiny juice glass.

Okay, maybe I have talked myself out of cooking with prunes any time in the near future.

Barbara, my original thought was to boil down a quart of prune juice and add chipotle and adobo to it like the Ming Tsai carrot-chipotle sauce. I still think that might be a winner.

You can always cackle gleefully as the nasty prune juice evaporates as it concentrates.

I like the cackling gleefully part.

I think I might have to wear a clothespin on my nose while doing so, though--just in case the smell gives me flashbacks!

One could always mince up prunes with chipotle, garlic and sundried tomatoes and mix it with rice and the innards of a squash or eggplant and then stuff it into the shell, and glaze the outside with sauce stuff you came up with and then bake that sucker.

I bet it would be good.

Barbara, I completely agree with you about prune juice. It's revolting stuff. (but overcooked canned peas are much much worse) Luckily the smell of prune juice doesn't put me off though. And you've got to try cooking with prunes! They are brilliant in both savoury and sweet things. One of our favourite dishes is chicken and prunes with couscous.

At first I thought, what a great idea to marry blue cheese with prunes, Barrett!! Until you told me that I don't like prunes. I really WANTed that tart. Quel shame to read that I won't like it.


P.S. Thank Heaven you didn't tell me that I don't like blue cheese. Whatever would we do then? (hehehehehehehe - I bet you can't guess we might be having this weekend.)

I finally made this tart this weekend. I shouldn't have waited so long! It's fabulous. Many thanks for posting the recipe, Barrett.


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