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Hi Meg et al,

Good to hear that the boy appreciates family recipes. Personally, I was never a big fan of Mom's zucchini bread but maybe I will give the muffins a try - can't get them to eat that particular green veggie any other way in my house.

Love to all, Turkey at our place in Nov. Bets

I'm glad your muffins were a great success. I love Zucchini bread. My favorite recipe uses vegetable oil instead of butter, but I may have to try the butter. (Barrett has a daily butter requirement you know). It also replaces the cinnamon with a couple teaspoons of lemon zest which I highly recommend.

Of note, Barrett bought his first bread pan soon after we met so I could make him Pumpkin bread. (We now have eight full-sized bread pans, but they come in handy).

Bets, I remember having baby zucchini baked with Parmesan at one family holiday a few years ago - they were fantastic! I am SOOOO sorry to be missing Thanksgiving this year if you are hosting!

Rebecca, the recipe actually called for oil but I only had a tiny amount so I substituted the butter. The funny thing is that I always feel like butter must be healthier, when in fact the sunflower oil is much better for your cholesterol...!

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