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Sounds yummy! Two questions: what do the squash look like before you bake them (so I can keep an eye out at the market) and why do you bake them cut side down? I always bake my squash cut side up as liquid gathers in the center. Do you need to bake them in a dish to collect any liquid??

They look like gigantic pills, oval and regular, with a light to medium yellow color. The one I used was about a foot in length and a little smaller than a two-liter bottle around.

I bake them cut side down so the little liquid the squash does give up helps steam the flesh by making a natural sealed dome. They don't generate a lot of liquid so you won't have a puddle in the pan to pour out.

Bartleby link to a picture of a spaghetti squash -

Just this morning I was looking at my bowl of squash wondering what I was going to do with the spaghetti squash. Thanks for the suggestion for the fritters. I'll give them a try tonight. Go Sox!

What a great idea -- I love squash, but with the exception of roasting acorn squash and a great butternut squash soup recipe I love, I never know what to do with them.

Georgia, that's pretty much how I came up with these (well, that plus a post that'll be a Ppst Of The Week this Saturday). We'd roasted one, souped one, souffle'd one and now what?

I still have pumpkins and a butternut squash at home, but I think I'm going to cool down the post rate on those bad boys.

I like the idea of a squash souffle -- did it work out? (and by the way, it looks like you've got a little comment spam just above this)

Georgia, thanks for pointing it out - I've deleted the comment. It's rare that spammers post to a current item; I've been wondering how long it would take them to work out that it's more intelligent than commenting on old posts (where it's easy for us to block them)!

Spaghetti squash is one of those rare things that makes an appearance more than once in our little village store. It's good to have a recipe for something I would never have touched only hearing before about its "pasta" charms. I, too, never understood why you would want to treat it like pasta unless it was to put on parmesan, salt and pepper. This recipe looks wonderful and I will try it out when spaghetti squash heads our way in the Great Wet North.

These were GREAT! Thanks for the recipe.

Weren't they, though? I had the leftovers a few days after the post and I enjoyed the sweetness of the squash.

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