Comments: Mark Bittman's "The Best Recipes in the World"


Call me nitpicky too, but that naming issue would bug me too. If a book is supposed to instruct me on foreign cultures it should at least have complete information! One of the things I love about my Indian cookbook by Dharamjit Singh is the fact that it has an English and an Indian index.

Cool concept, though...

What's the Dharamjit Singh book? I don't think I've heard you talk about it before.

I mentioned him here:

The only complaint I have with the book is that it's a paperback in the size of a trashy novel, i.e. impossible to plop down on your counter open to the right page. Good recipes and they seem very authentic to this non-Indian cook...!

I stand corrected. Or, really, I sit corrected since my wrongness has not inspired me to change my posture.

I plan to stand corrected later, right before I go to lunch corrected.

Hi Barrett - I heard Mark Bittman at a book promotion stop last night. He says there are 700 vegetarian recipes in the book so it IS too bad they aren't highlighted. And I was a little surprised to see the recipes arranged course rather than country/cuisine though there are lists in the back that way. I guess you have to make the choice but it seems an odd call for an "international" book. FYI -- I'll be posting about the book too later tonight when I cook the first vegetable from its pages! (Off to the grocery ... ) Alanna

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