Comments: Scallion Pancakes - Non-Traditional


Hmm, I think I'd feel better if I ate them as they came off the griddle. Maybe I'll makem' fer dinner. Thanks mang!


Straight from the griddle would be ideal, but it took me a good ten minutes to do all the pancakes, so I resorted to the warm oven trick.

That is an interesting variation, Barrett. I make the traditional Chinese scallion pancakes--but I might try these to see how they taste. The texture would be completely different--I think these would be rather like blini.

BTW--I don't do boiling hot water in my dough, just warm, and it doesn't seem to affect the flavor or texture of it at all. FWIW.

Barbara - They are somewhat fluffy, as you might expect. You could probably cram another scallion in the mix easily.

I was trying to figure out why the hot or warm water? Does it make more gluten or something? Any idea?

Yeah you bet you can get another scallion in there, even half another! I just finished my version.
I'll put up the post tomorrow morning, pacific time. The pancake came out just fine, I think. It was fluffy, kinda like American pancakes. Mama liked them too, but we both found the sauce too rich, salty. However, I have to say we'd run out of rice wine vinegar and substituted one third Amurican, so the volume wasn't there. Could I have substituted Mirin? I dunno. In any case, had a blast and got a nice photograph to go with.


Biggles - I'm so glad you tried it! The sauce was very rich and salty, which is why I think it works better as a dipping sauce.

My wife was less impressed with the saltiness, but thought it had potential.

Did I mention I have a salt lick in my office?

I suspect it has to do with the gluten, Barrette--I will start researching that question and see what I come up with, and let you know.

The dipping sauce I use for scallion pancakes is a little less salty--I add some sugar, more vinegar and a drizzle of chicken broth or Shaoxing wine.

In light of the wine I often add, Dr. Biggles, I think you could have done fine with the mirin.

The sugar doesn't really make the sauce sweet so much as balance the salt a bit.

Yay, as one of you probably just found out, my entry is up. Pretty scallion pancakes!

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