Comments: Matsumoto


Wow, that sounds absolutely great. My girlfriend are going to Moto for her upcoming birthday, which will be the first time going there for either of us. Maybe I can convince her to go to Matsumoto instead. Or even better, go there in addition, a couple of weeks later.

Go for the addition. The two are VERY different experiences. Happy birthday to her, by the way!

Oh.Barrett, You make my mouth water!

Pardon my ignorance, Barrett, but what is "mirugai"?

You'd probably know it as geoduck - it's an ENORMOUS rude looking clam.

WOW!!!!!! that sounds fantastic.
I wish I was in America so I could go, I guess you could always justify it as being cheaper than a flight to Japan :)

This sounds like an amazing experience! I spent 10 days in Japan earlier this year and now I am obsessed with Japanese culture and cuisine. It's hard to really get a true feel for it here in the U.S. but that's so great that they fly so much of their fish directly from Japan. Yum!

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