Comments: Acorn Squash Stuffed with Wild Rice, Apples, Sage, and Celery


Barrett, my friend. I say this in the kindest way possible: that photo is kind of scary. Is it going to invade Chicago from the planet Zorg?!??


That said, the recipe sounds gorgeous. Wish I could convince the Critic to try it!

Stuffed squash is the best. I love the combination you used in the filling, Barrett.

Even the most dangerous aliens from the planet - Zorg, was it? - are helpless before our fork and butter knife technology.

It's a cookbook! A cookbook!!!

I have to agree the picture is a little gross, but, trust me, it tastes fantastic. It had lots of different flavors and textures that all went well together. I really liked the walnuts which were somewhat toasted, unlike me.

I nearly got booted off the site for making fun of his photography, Meg. I'd be careful. :)

Did you get to beat the walnuts into tiny pieces before the meal? Or use them as halves?

I used the walnuts as halves. And you're still on notice, Bryan!

You know, my backstabbing wife Rebecca said she liked the photo yesterday. I guess she must have put her glasses on this morning.

Bryan, I did write to him privately to say he can blacklist me if he likes! : )

Actually, I'm not saying it's a bad photo. It's just that if I'd seen it out of context I'd have been really intrigued about what it could be!

How does one eat this dish? Do you serve a spoon to scoop out the contents of the squash or a steak knife to cut through it?

I'll give it a shot sans the maple syrup and brown sugar -- hard to find in Austria!


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