Comments: The Farmers' Salon


Great photos. Looks like you two had a lot of fun.

So will these prunes be showing up on Prune Blogging Thursday?

Why, yes, I think they might! Although I have some steeping in my cabinets in Armagnac and they really do need to be used up too...

Lovely post.
I would have snapped up a braided pink garlic myself, if I had been there!

Have you seen Pim's comment on David's post about Prune Blogging Thursday? I thought that it was really funny. (sorry david)

That fair was fun! But oh those fabulous prunes...anyone who didn't like prunes before would become a believer (is that you Alisa?? xx) Thanks for the posting; nice memories!

It was fun, wasn't it? I forgot to mention also that the lack of slick professionalism meant none of the producers seemed to have cards or even have heard of a web site. How quaint, eh??

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