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I am going to use your recipe next time and do it properly, instead of tryinging to win over the Frenchman by using Merguez!

Sam, I forgot to mention in the recipe that the dish relies on being able to find proper English sausages. It sounds like you are much more flexible than my dear husband on that point. If I couldn't get M&S (or better) sausages, there would be a revolution in our home!

How did the merguez work? It's an intriguing idea!

Yikes! Forgot to mention my one personal touch - unnoticed by the Critic and maybe why this version got the best praise yet! Add 1 tsp mustard seeds to the onions. Nice texture, a little sharp flavor, much better than in the batter. Stupid, stupid me...!

Hi Meg,
Thanks a lot for your recipe. It's a shame we can't find proper english sausages in France. I've hear that some people use "saucisses de toulouse" instead.
See you soon.

Pascale, I've tried Toulouse sausages and Steve admits that they "aren't bad". Grudgingly. But I don't think he'd let me use them in a classic English recipe like this!

Actually, though the English claim their sausages are the best (and they are good) I think what is missing in the French ones is the filler - bread crumbs or worse - that give such a nice texture.

My batter nevers seems to rise without the addition of a teaspoon of baking powder!

i think ur toad in da hole is gorgus bdt i av eva ad thnx 4 ur resipe lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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