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Not bad for a goy boy! Actually, they look (and sound) fantastic!

(Did Julia Childs ever actually do that with a liver or was it just a SNL idea??)

Thanks Meg.

Re; the liver - I think it was just Dan Ackroyd. I read that she loved the sketch.

"Oh, damn, it's a prop!" I loved it too...another thing I have in common with Julia!

(Were you impressed that I got the reference??)

Actually Meg, I'd assumed you hadn't had that much of America beaten out of you by the French yet!

Julia Child rocks. In honor of her, please eat these bagels with a pound of butter on each.


These look fantastic! I just went through the october issue the other day to pull out recipes and this is very close to the top of the list! They had quite a few great looking bread recipes this month!

Great looking bagels. Now, I wish I'd thought of using beer in the bagel boiling water, when I was having so much difficulty locating a source of malt powder!

Sugar and honey in the water works fairly well also.

I think Julia Child would probably still be honoured if you ate the bagels with 1/2 pound of butter and 1/2 pound of cream cheese and generous lashings of apricot preserves. (That's my preferred bagel adornment if lox and capers aren't available)


P.S. What were you using to cut the dough that you risked cutting your hand off? (Loved that Dan Akroyd SNL sketch of Julia Child!)

P.P.S. bagel recipe I used:

oops.. sorry... meant to type "sugar and/or honey"

I suspect that maple syrup would work too.


I was stupidly using a Very Sharp Knife (tm) to cut the dough. I tried very hard to use said Very Sharp Knife to sever the tip of my thumb from my left hand through the dough.

I don't have to tell you that Very Sharp Knife (tm) was nowhere near the second batch of bagels and was replaced by Very Dull Butter Knife (tm) to divide the dough.

Sadly, I know far too much about Very Sharp Knives. (I am also rather familiar with Rather Dull Secaturs as well as the decor of the emergency wing where I, on TWO different occasions, begged to have glue instead of stitches to put the tip of THE SAME finger back on... and I am a string player!!)

Barrett, get yourself a large dough scraper (aka 'bench scraper') for cutting dough. They are wonderful inventions and far less dangerous!

Glad to hear that you didn't succeed in severing the tip of your thumb.


Instead of rolling them into a ball and putting a hole in the middle, try rolling strips and then attaching the ends by wrapping them abound each other.

I just made some bagels, thanks for the information ^_^.

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