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Was it a very rainy summer, Meg? A white sheen sounds like powdery mildew, which is a fungal infection that happens when there are perpetually damp conditions. You can treat it with powders containing sulphur, but sometimes even that doesn't work.

Barbara, it was indeed a rainy summer. I don't suppose you know where (in Paris) one can buy sulfur? Do you dust the plant? Thanks for the tip!

I roasted some seeds this weekend. After picking them out of the flower (Meg, I'll come over and do seeds for you someday. I seem to have near-infinite patience for the task). I boiled them in salted water, then dried and roasted them for a long time until they were nice and dry.

I can't wait to take a knife to a pumpkin now!

Can I plant seeds next year from the sunflowers I grew this year? If so, how?

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I've not tried it yet myself, but I've read that it's perfectly possible to save the seeds and plant them next year. From my gardening books I think the essential thing is to let them air dry completely and then store them in an enveloppe or somewhere that is not airtight. If they have any moisture, they can get mold and possibly become no longer viable. I've put aside a few of the sunflower seeds and the seeds from an acorn squash and am going to try to plant them next spring. Good luck!

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