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I was busy with baking soda myself last night trying to unclog a stopped up bathtub drain. Fizzy tomato soup. How wild. It might make it better by neutralizing some of the acid in the tomatoes.

I'll certainly have to try that.

I am the same way, but with Chicken Noodle. If my wife or I get sick I turn into a Jewish Mother. I hit the grocery and purchase a chicken, get it in some water and start cooking. I'm a big believer in the restorative qualities of good soup.


Danno, this is actually my secondary cure for the common cold. The first one is a chicken, lentil and dumpling stew, which is extremely filling and satisfying:

I made it last night and added a new ingredient: tender slices of fresh fennel. Yum!

Oh Meg, I am so sorry you were sick AND you had your wallet stolen! Jeeez.
Nice post. Have I mentioned that I like your writing?!!!! Just had to get that in there!
I hope that you are feeling a bit better now.

There is a new blogger girl in town, and she was sick and made soup too!

Alisa, thanks for the link! (And the compliment, incidentally...I'm blushing!)

Coincidentally, she ALSO mentions eating Campbell's soup when she was sick as a girl. Okay, probably like a million other North American youngsters, but still it made me smile that we both had the same approach!

hi Meg, great minds think alike! And Campbell's saves the day again. I will definitely have to give your recipe a try, the cloves have intrigued me. And the grilled cheese sounds pretty good too. I hope you are feeling better. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

Michèle, not only am I feeling better but I'm extremely chuffed! I just found out that the thief left my wallet on the metro after extracting the money and some kind soul turned it in to the police. Everything - carte de séjour, social security cards, credit cards, fidelity cards - was still in it. In all I lost about four euros!

I take back all the nasty things I've said about Parisians. Well, most of them anyway...

Adding baking soda to the tomatoes keeps the milk from curdling.

Well Meg, I couldn't resist taking up more comment space just to say wow, very lucky indeed! I'm glad it worked out for you! At this point my mom would advise you to run out and buy yourself a lotto ticket while the luck is running high :)

Oops, too late for the lottery ticket. But I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to push her luck and I'm pretty blessed already!

Holy Shit! That is amazing that you got all that stuff back.
As for oswegotea's post, I KNOW! The similarities were one of those things I love about the weirdness of life.

Please define "extremely chuffed." Is this positive or negative?

I'll call you tonight.

Hi Mom! It means extremely pleased or delighted!

The step where I add the tomatoes to the milk.. the milk split :( was there something I missed?

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