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That is too funny. But it has GOT to be a hoax. What people in their right minds would even produce such a stupid thing? Although... if it is inexpensive enough, I have this horrible urge to buy one as a joke.


ejm - only $5.99 or two for $9.99. Cheap enough?

That's pretty pathetic. Storage must be a breeze. It can't sit in with the other forks and it could very well cut someone's fanger if you store it in your "everything" drawer.

Oh, it's just making me madder by the moment. NOBODY HAS EVER USED A PIZZA CUTTER TO SLICE BITE SIZED PIECES !!!


That is hysterical! I could see a lot of dumb people buying those, though!

$5.99 or two for $9.99?!!? That's WAY too much for a skinflint like me.


And even if you - gasp - had to cut a pizza slice on your plate, is a knife such a bad thing? This is a nutty invention. If indeed it is not a hoax!

I see a horrible Optigrab-type class action lawsuit coming. Are you sure Steve Martin didn't invent this?

Oh man! +5 Funny to the Pragmatic Chef for the Optigrab reference.

"I know what you should call your dog, Mister!"

"... delivering them right to your mouth!" How? I suppose you have to lift it yourself. And they completely gloss over the fact that after you do the slicing, you have to back the device up so the fork can pick up the piece.

Pffft. A real combination pizza wheel and fork would have the wheel ahead of the fork, and as you lifted the forked piece to your mouth, the fork would swivel to the side, enabling you to get to the pizza without slicing your mouth off with the wheel.

Thanks Barrett, I'm blushin'...

Great blog. I bookmarked this before but I'll try to stop by more frequently.

Oooh!!! Bing, great idea. Now for that one with the swivel device, I WOULD pay $5.99!


I blush to admit that just today I was wishing for such a device as I held my book in one hand and sawed ineffectually at my piece of pizza with the side of my fork in the other hand.

I think that people who read as they eat may find this little utensil pretty cool.

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