Comments: An Amazing Fish Soup


I've been drooling at this recipe for the past couple of days as it sat in the queue. I will certainly try this with some alllergy-required substitutions for the shrimp (scallops, most likely).

Hey, when you pour the water over the tomatoes are the tomatoes in a strainer or do they need to sit in the boiling water?

Barrett, the tomatoes sit in the water for a few minutes. Most cookbooks tell you to boil tomatoes briefly in water to get the skins off, and from this I surmised (correctly) that if you just pour boiling water over them and leave them for a few minutes you'll have the same effect!

Sorry if it wasn't clear...

Oh, don't forget the saffron. A deep tomato-y fish soup with saffron will make you very very happy.

And if you don't feel like using hot water to peel your tomatoes, just use this jobby. looks delicious! Fish and seafood are #1 in my diet :)

I really love cooking food and this one seems really tasty and I cant wait to try it with my new chicago cutlery steak knives

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