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Screw-top wine and folk music went together I thought? Nothing like a blue grass festival and a gallon of Red Mountain Goofy.
Inherited some albums last week and unearthed a 1950 copy of some Woody Guthrie, crazy.


Even the French must join the global wine revolution. I like it. It means more different types of wine will make it to market and we won't be ruled by a wine elite (well, except for Robert Parker, of course).

No, No, NO!!!! Just say NO! Who thought that I would ever be quoting Nancy Reagan. Screw tops are just wrong. I might be one of those wine snobs.
I listened to those albums, and still own most, too!

Alisa, I tend to agree on the screw top issue. Also, I forgot to mention that the corks on the other cheap wines are made of plastic, which is somewhat disturbing and rather hard on the corkscrew.

Barrett, it's still next to impossible to get wine from outside France at a reasonable price. Even Gallo wine is expensive!!

I listened to those albums too. But with wine from bottles that had straw wrapped around them - and the room was lit with candles in the empty straw - wrapped bottles.

I too love the satisfying feel of pullling away the lead wrappings. The foil alternative is not too bad. Plastic wrapping is very unsatisfying. Our every day Cabernet Sauvignon from Bulgaria (Cdn$7 - pretty darn good wine) has plastic wrapping and a softish synthetic cork that doesn't seem to be damaging the corkscrew at all. I gather that the synthetic is no good though for wine that is to be stored for a long time.

Screwtop... yes, it's hard to fathom. But I have to say I really do like the idea of no more corked bottles.


Hi Meg,
I must be a wine snob too but I can't stand these screw tops.

Actually, I forgot to mention that I bought the wine because I was intrigued by the CÚvennes aspect and only noticed the screw-top once I got home. Of course it didn't stop us from drinking it though... ; )

I was skeptical about the screwtops, but when my favorite wine (Bonny Doon's Pacific Rim Riesling) switched from artificial cork to screwtop, I was converted. Now, not finishing a bottle is no longer cause for concern. Twist the top back on, and finish it tomorrow!

Matt, I'm afraid that "not finishing the bottle" is not a cause for concern in our home either, for other reasons...! : )

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