Comments: Ashes, ashes, we all fall down...


Maybe we can claim the Americas Cup really should be kept in the Americas since it too is quite fragile...

is this really where ring around the rosie comes from?

The one being passed around on TV was a replica. :-)

Ian, guess I wasn't listening closely to the news. But I still think it's a case of sour grapes on the part of the English that keeps them in England!

Hi Meg,

The Critic should know better and should have corrected you but the Aussies regained the Ashes 16 years ago (1989), not 19 as you state. These things are important! But, whatever, it was a tremendous series and I just wish Warne was English; we would have won 5-0.

The humble pie sounds great; and, unlike Le Critic, I love gésiers.

Hope you had a great summer hols. We enjoyed the country delights of Kent for two weeks in July.

A bientot, j'espere

J, B et Les Youngsters


According to the BBC ( it's the first time England have won the ashes since 1987, which I guess means 18 years ago. The figure 19 was what the commentators on the BBC were saying but maybe they got confused by the fact that it's held every 18 months?

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