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Thanks, Barrett! And I actually love those puzzles. Maybe I should use pancakes. It would be a great way to keep kids occupied....

Hi Barret - thanks for mentioning my site! You're cheeky for mentioning the Estonian link:) There's really no recipe for the courgette/zucchini tart, but I try to provide Estonian links for my few Estonian readers (esp my sister, who practices her English by reading my blog, but would never attempt cooking anything according to English instructions) at the end of the post - usually _in addition_ to the recipe in English:)

Pille - I liked the Estonian language link. I grew up in a community with a decent number of Lithuanians, so I have a soft spot for the Baltic states.

Those kids were always killer at soccer...

I know the Lithuanias are really good at basketball and very good in football, but soccer as well?
You see, I learn something new every day:))))

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