Comments: Creamed Spinach à la Berghoff


I haven't been there forever. I didn't know that about the granddaughter. I do remember the Berghoff having the slowest waiters in th city. The service wasn't bad, it just took a long time to get the veal or wurst or what ever you were having from the window to the table.

They had great potato pancakes and applesauce. I'm a big fan of their root beer.

Meg - I walked in last summer when I was in Chicago but didn't have time to eat - I wanted to have the creamed spinach - for my old time's sake too. And a beer! Now that I was old enough! It was one of the first places I ever dined out on my own - well with my little sister Annie. We used to play hooky and I'd take her down there - on the subway - for lunch. I was 9 and she was 7! Sheesh - parents would be arrested now wouldn't they?

I haven't been to the Berghoff in about 20 years, but I have loved that place since I was a kid. As I recall, when I was first taken there as a child (~1972) the restaurant has its own set of coins used by the waiter to pay for the food when they took it from the kitchen. I marveled at the waiters when they carried all the plates for a table on their arms, without using trays. They had house brewed root beer, too.

Parmesan cheese? Really? I usually use just cream, nutmeg , cinnamon, salt and pepper.

Sad that it will be closing at the end of this month. First Field's, now Berghoff's!

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