Comments: The Rest of the Meal (but not Dessert yet)


Silverware is always my bÍte noire, never seem to have enough no matter how careful I am. We started out with a set of 12 and a set of (different) 8 full settings and still we run out.

And my best tip which I almost never follow: take the time to fill the dishwasher as you cook and run it just before the guests arrive, even if it isn't full. Take the five minutes to unload it right away. That way when helpful guests want to bring their dishes into the kitchen you can just stick them straight in the machine instead of piling them all over the counters. I'm always embarrassed when people want to help clear because the kitchen looks such a mess and I always run out of space!

I had the thought that that might be the case for us as well.

Luckily, we ran across another 8 piece set of flatware in the same style while we looked for additional dishes for parties. We both like the silverware, so we bought the set and had plenty for the party.

Now we're storing a bunch of plates, glasses, and silver in the basement for use at parties only. It's not like putting the fine china away since we use the plates from the wedding everyday and put the Target stuff away for the parties.

The other thing that Barrett didn't comment on in his reply is that SOMEONE did keep up with the dishes and filled the dishwasher as he went. The key is that the dishwasher doesn't have to be completely full AND don't put anything in it you're going to want in the next 45 minutes.

I think I ran the dishwasher once as the party was starting and again in the middle. Consequently, everything cleaned up super quick. After everyone left, we did one load and some pots and pan in the sink before going to bed. We then did another load the next morning, and we were done! It wasn't too painful at all.

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