Comments: Parmesan Cones with Salad and Herbed Creme Fraiche


If someone comes up with a good way to eat these without the mess, let me know. I was the King of Crumble for this one.

Delicious Barrett. Every course was tremendous.

Thanks, Bryan, I'm really glad you liked it. Pictoral trivia - that photo is your actual cone and the red field is your shirt.

Glad I could set off the tomato-eees so nicely. I guess I'll count dinner as my modeling fee. Thank goodness it was the "before" shot as well.

I've made frico baskets for salad using this technique (sort of). I melt the cheese in a hot non-stick skillet and let them cool over an inverted cereal bowl. I've done this a couple of times and it's always a big hit.

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