Comments: IMBB 18 - Phyllo Spring Rolls


What a great idea and it looks so yummy too. I can imagine how crunchy it must be with the phyllo.

Great idea with the phyllo roll, Barrett. I'm definately going to try this method.

Those phyllo spring rolls look delicious! Thanks for the inspiration. I've quite enjoyed reading your blog the past few months.

I'm with Nic- great idea! I also like that you added apple to the filling- cabbage and apples are such a happy pair :-)

That looks so yummy! The perfect app and easy to customize. I wish I could find phyllo here in Germany -- but I'm heading home to NY for a visit soon and I'm definitely going to whip up some of these to impress my family. Thanks!

I've never made "homemade" phyllo dough. I feel silly asking, what is a #7 dough? Thank You. This looks fantastic.

Great entry, Barrett! Thanks so much for participating in this month's IMBB. Always nice to have a fellow Chicagoan in the group. (I'm Lakeview, by the way).

Great idea, Barrett and a gorgeous photo! Congrats!!

I just printed out your satay kabobs with peanut sauce, carrot/chipotle sauce, and these spring rolls. Do you think these can all be made ahead and warmed up? I need to make a thanksgiving meal for carnivores and 2 vegans. I'd love to do these ahead.
Thanks for any help.

I'm sure the satay kabobs and the carrot/chipotle sauce would work if done well ahead of time.

I haven't tried reheating the pyllo spring rolls (frankly, they didn't stick around long enough for that).

My one concern is that you fry them ahead of time. That may give you enough of a seal that the phyllo doesn't get soggy from any moisture leaking out of the filling, but I wouldn't store them too long.

Test one out and see if it works before committing to doing a whole tray.

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