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Good but how about less oil with same feeling??

There's only butter in this Haluk, no oil, and you could back it down to 2 tablespoons, but it won't give you the same consistency.

Of course, I encourage you to try it and report the results!

I’m fond of giving crudties it’s accent aigu (crudités).

Well, I'm sure Meg would have added the aigu, but I'm American and many years ago we had a tea party in Boston where we threw tea and diacritical marks into the harbor to protest the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Or something like that, I think.

That's some fine shootin' there. I've only recently started eating cauliflower, I have a tough time with veggies. Lately been roasting the little florets, but yours sounds delightful.
What would you think about rendering a little smoky bacon or some pancetta to the mix? Or would that be a bit much?


Dr. B -

For me, the pseudo vegetarian, it'd be too much. But for a carnivore, you might very well render a little pork fat and replace some of the butter in the recipe with the fat, then crumble the bacon or pancetta itself into the cauliflower.

I think that woudl work very well. Cauliflower likes that sort of flavor, I think.

Holy cow, just had a vision.

Use the rendered bacon as a condiment when served. This would leave the creamy goodness of the gratin, while delivering a spriteful punch of smoky goodness to the dish when eating. Make sure the bits are small enough and not crunchy, don't want to do battle in the mouth with a gratin & pork.

Oh my.

Barrett, what is the purpose of pre-cooking the cauliflower?

And the ascii code for an e with an acute accent is alt-130!

Meg - I precooked the cauliflower becasue it doesn't really soften up enough in the gratin if you don't. I use big florets, so if you break it down into smaller bundles or chop the cauliflower up more, you may not need to cook it ahead of time.

I think this sounds fab and I can't wait to try it. I'm liking the idea of taleggio. Did you take the rind off?

BTW in Windows you can install the French keyboard and simply switch back and forth with a shortcut. With a little hunt and peck you can find the é where the 2 is, and the ç where the 9 is and the è where the 7 is, etc. Then you can actually spell crudités correctly! ;-)

I also have the Spanish keyboard installed so I can correctly spell piña colada!

Good eatin', Alyce

Alyce, this is off the food-topic, but I have to say that I personally prefer the English-International keyboard. Rather than try to remember where my a and q letters are located (different on French keyboards) with the International layout if you hit an apostrophe (for example) it doesn't register until you either hit a letter that doesn't take an accent or - if it's a vowel - puts an acute accent on the letter. This only works for PCs, though. I had to memorize a whole new method for the Mac! Oh the traumas of international living...!

I love this stuff! My mother-in-law is from Alsace and she got me hooked on cauliflower gratin. I make it all the time in the winter. Hers is practically the same as yours, except we use Gruyere cheese... and for the white sauce, we put in about 1 1/2 teaspoons of dry white wine. I think it really helps marry the flavors of the cauliflower and the cheese.

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