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That sandwich is a thing of beauty. I'd definitely go with dark rye for mine and probably add sardines to half of it. A vidalia onion might be a nice sub for the red onion, too.

Hopefully more people will come to know the joys of stinky cheese and onion sandwiches. Excellent post. Bravo.


Barrett, once again your posts have made me drool in envy. Stinky Cheese and Onion sandwhich? I am so there!

Ah, the joys of being married.

1) Not having to immediately brush your teeth before a morning kiss.

2) Being able to eat in front of the television.

3) Indulging in things like stinky cheese without worry...yum yum yum!

Barreet - this sandwich sounds delish! I will be making one of these bad boys to eat in front of the television soon...!

This lady loves the stinky cheese! And the stinky saurkraut and kimchee, too! Garlic is divine, onions are incredible and fermented black beans are God's gift to Chinese food.

I will tell you what can help your breath after eating these sorts of things. Indian cucumber-mint raita--the combination of yogurt and mint really does help with the breath issue.

Just so you know.

Love that stinky cheese! It's all good! I've been away for awhile, and now I have to catch upon my required reading to see what I've missed.

Thanks for the memories, being reared in Brooklyn and a strong German area, i remember the Limburger cheese, it was a main staple with the Bars of the areas.

I remember the Saturday night my Dad (a real funny guy) took the bet to make a grill cheese Limburger sandwich, oh boy three days to get the stink out, ROFL with the memories. What was even funnier was the three guys that walked in sniffed the air asked who S**T in here turned around and left, the bar cracked up ( hey what do you expect we were half loaded, LOL. The next day te owner came in asking what was that smell and we all left LOL, and the owner puzzled and my Dad calling us cowards. Yeah that cheese has some good memories. Thanks

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