Comments: Still Red, not Delicious


That's interesting - I've been wondering if Red D's just lost flavour over the years or whether it was just in my fond childhood memories that they had more taste. These days they always seem slightly woody and often have a bitter taste.

Pink Lady is my new favourite though!

Nothing beats a fresh MacIntosh right off the tree, though. Or a Winesap. I wait all year for those--we used to live around the corner from the largest apple orchard in Ohio, and I bought a basket of MacIntoshes from them a couple of years ago, and was eating one in the car.

Zak always swore he hated apples, but the fresh, floral scent of the juice hit him, and he begged for a bite. I handed the apple to him--and he wouldn't give it back!

He ate at least three of them a day while they were in season!

Why did he think he hated apples all along?

Because he had only gotten Red Delicious apples from the grocery store. Mealy, nasty tasteless things.

Thanks for the great link. I, for one, will be thrilled if the flavor-free Red Delicious is destined for the scrap heap. The article implies the flavor of the Red Delicious has declined over the years (at least since the 1980s), but I don't think so. I recall their always being mealy and bland. I think it's just that in the last 10 years there have been more and more competitors on even the dullest supermarket shelf: the Gala, the Fuji, the Braeburn, the Granny Smith, the Cameo, and the Jonagold, just to name the ones I see regularly.

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