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Hey! I've been reading this blog for weeks, loving it all. In fact, I was just trying to figure out how to adapt that peach-blueberry cake to gluten-free. When I came back to check it out again, I found my blog listed! Whoopee!

Thanks so much. This means a lot to me. I'm keeping the blog because I'm wonderfully, over-the-heels in love with food. Finding out I can't eat gluten because of celiac disease has been a blessing. Just this morning, I made homemade corn tortillas for the first time. Yum. And also, I had no idea how much I love taking photographs of food. Oh, everything is better now.

Apparently, 1 out of 133 Americans have celiac disease too. So on their behalf, I really appreciate you linking to my blog!

Shauna - it's a pleasure! You've got a nice site going and I wish you luck with it and your struggle with celiac disease.

I know my diet became much more diverse and interesting when I went vegetarian. Sometimes you really can add via subtraction.

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