Comments: Sister Ann's Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Hey Meg, it's Taina from Message! You're missing still-glorious weather here in Paris!
Just wondering, have you ever tried roasting the garlic in the oven first, then mashing the cloves and mixing them into the mashed potatoes? I love the caramelized taste roasting lends...I know it's an extra step but worth it, I think.

Taina, actually I have tried it once or twice and you are right - it's delicious! I always roast an extra head of garlic when I'm doing it for a dish because it's so good in things like this. Or pasta or even a roasted vegetable salad.'s making me hungry just thinking about it!

Just checked out your website -- Annie gave me the address -- enjoying it! Hi to all. Hope you are enjoying your visit - wish we were there too!

Groovy Tip! Can't believe you are blogging on vacation! If you had pictures I would be wondering if you really were on holiday! Gros bisous :)

That is the way I make garlic mashed potatoes, too--boiling whole cloves of garlic (one head per eight to ten pounds of potatoes) in the water, then draining, and mashing everything together.

I usually use butter and sour cream and no milk, though, and sometimes add fresh thyme and chives to the mash afterwards.

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