Comments: Fondue Lack


Wow, Barrett, I think I too was there some 12 (or more) years ago. I'm glad to hear it is still the same!

However, you know it is not the right season for fondue, don't you??

; )

You should tell that to the packed house last Saturday night.

The Redhead and I have a disagreement about summer and fried foods. I happen to think that summer heat and fried foods go together like peanut butter and bananas. She would rather not eat anything fried between April and September.

The stomach wants what the stomach wants...

Well, I think the seasonal thing comes less from the diner's inclination than from the fact that the cheese is produced from late summer to early spring and so is only available for consumption from fall to winter. Also, it's no fun having a heating element on your table when it's already very hot out. Paris doesn't have air-conditioning like the US. (By which I mean you don't find it as frequently as when you do it isn't as efficient.)

As for the fried food, my personal take is that it's fine to eat it (think cold fried chicken) but no fun to make it!

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