Comments: Kale and Summer Squash Quiche


Hey! I didn't know Tom knew how to make anything other than pasta and really scary Macaroni and cheese! (Just kidding Tom...!) ;)

Meg, I know you're forgetting the cheesecakes.

Tom has this cheescake thing down. The cheesecakes he makes tend to be so heavy to pick up that Einsteinian space curves towards the plate. Each one must weigh seven pounds!

But when sampled on the end of a fork, the texture is light and fluffy and the taste amazing.

He's given up making the cheesecakes (burned out), but his hazelnut one was the best I've ever tasted. Others preferred the raspberry one with a chocolate crust, but there's no accounting for taste.

Actually, though I have heard tell of the amazing cheesecake I have never actually tasted it. Guess he likes you better than me!

So, you're making that again right?

As I mentioned during dinner, I thought it could have used one more egg maybe for binding, etc. Otherwise, it was excellent. I thought the crust was great too!

This was an amazing dish. I preferred it hot, but boy was it a great way to use red russian kale that came in my veg box one week. We didn't have dijon at the time so used coarse-grain mustard, and it was superb.

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