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Well when you read a bio of a person from a nation where they actively enjoy Marmite, what can you expect?

Sorry the book wasn't more fun!

Don't get me wrong - it was still very fun! It just didn't leave me feeling like I knew him better than before I picked it up. (This is the problem with publishing a review of a gift...!)

Oh and I forgot to mention that I LOVE the cover photo. Actually, I think it conveys more than anything else Nigel's character. A little shy, a little cheeky, sitting at a big feast and happy to be there!

I too found Toast a little disappointing, although for me, it was its episodic and fragmented nature that was off-putting. I think I would have liked any one of the bits if I had read it separately, but reading a whole bookful of them was ultimately unsatisfying--and yes, left me feeling left out somehow, fended off.
Not unworthy of a read though.

Toast was a gift to me from my best friend. We share similar tastes so I knew I would enjoy it.
I do have Nigel Slater's cookbooks but I must say- this one is my favorite!
I thought his stylistic approach was clever and helped the memories unfold. I liked it.
Rather than being a cold read, I found a lot of warmth in this book.
In fact, I thought it revealed the way many a youong child thinks, feels and processes the world around themselves. Toast shows a sensitive child, the development of a child, the manner in which a child - in this case Nigel Slater - fits into the family dynamic and the structure of their surroundings.
I think the obliqueness and distance is, probably not just the author's way of being in the world, but the distant memories he is conjuring up as well as the vulnerabilty he may have felt then. His armor; food and imagination - was his protection.
A beautfully written book, quite poetic. I was moved by many a vignette.
Miiki [USA]

Marmite is delicious

I listened to Nigel reading his own story. It had a hypnotic effect and I certainly wnted to listen on. At the end, though, I was left a little dissatisfied, mainly because (I suspect) I had never heard of him before and therefore had no understanding that he was a successful food person. Perhaps just a little more ...
But then, my mother always said I should stop before I feel full.

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