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Zucchini! You've got to love the stuff, expecially if you like healthy cheap eats.

I'm afraid we're going to innundate our readers with zucchini and summer squash recipes. I have a summer squash soup to be posted soon that had a very nice bitter component.

Meg, I made a version of this last night when I, too, thought there was nothing much to eat in the house. I was driven to some substitutions (basil for the thyme, Parmesan for the Beaufort, scallions for the shallots), but it was just as beautiful and fragrant as you promised. Wow! A new staple dish. Thank you!

I learned a trick this weekend from a James Beard book that makes the crust even less susceptible to sogginess.

For savory pies, brush dijon mustard on the crust after you blind bake it and put it back in for 2-3 minutes. The mustard adds a layer of protection.

Elsa, I'm so tickled when someone tries a recipe I've created and likes it! Somewhere deep inside of me there's an adolescent self who's sure that anyone who tries to reproduce one of my dishes will think it's awful...

Barrett, I will definitely be trying the mustard trick. Adding flavour and simultaneously protecting the crust sounds like a perfect solution! Have I mentioned that my Critic is a mustard fiend??

I've now made this three times, once for a grateful hostess and twice for my greedy self, and it has officially shot to the top of my roster of summer dishes. I will be making it again next week for my birthday dinner/ family reunion, and I will sing your praises when people tell me how delicious it is.

can you tell me what food store chains still sell Barrett's Corn Meal.

my mother's used this brand for years and she says she can't find it anywhere here in Charlotte, NC

thanks from mom's #1 son

lee dennis

I'm looking for a tomato zucchini pie recipe that has a shredded potato crust, sliced zucchini, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and some spices. Does anyone have a recipe like this?

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