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Thanks, Meg!

I will have more to say on the issue the entire month of August as I talk about local everything since I am taking part in the Eat Local challenge. Essays, book reviews, photo-essays, recipes and all kinds of other stuff will be on the menu at Tigers & Strawberries for the month of August.

Barbara, I'll be watching with interest! It certainly is a hot topic at the moment. Cooking with Amy has an interesting post about why she isn't participating in the Eat Local Challenge:

I'm still on the local side, though I agree with some of her points. I'll be travelling throughout the month of August, so it will be difficult for me to rise to the challenge personally.

However, I do intend to buy some corn on the cob at the edge of the field it was grown in - yippee!

I agree with quite a few of Amy's points, and disagree with others, and said as much.

I eat local anyway--so, I am using the challenge in August as an excuse to talk about local food sources, do book reviews on relevant titles, interview farmers, do photo essays on the farmer's market and talk about what sustainablility is and isn't, what it means, what it could mean, and what it is about.

I hope you get some good corn--I had some great corn on the cob at my parents' house last night. Wow! And my Dad's tomatoes are phenominal. I should likely write a post about them....

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